Wellbeing workshop on Diabetes Management

EAT what nourishes the body,    DO what nourishes the soul,

THINK what nourishes the mind

Life of a diabetic seems to be revolving around managing this stressful disease and health issues that come with it. Every person has a piece of advice to give about different therapies and cures. Do these confuse you? Do you frequently have questions like:

  • Can Yoga cure diabetes?
  • Can I reverse Diabetes just by changing my food?
  • Diabetes can be cured with balanced lifestyle?
  • Will herbs prescribed by Ayurveda heal my body?
  •  Can you cure diabetes by changing your mindset?

If you are seeking answers to these questions, HealthKarma is here to equip you with essential knowledge required to intervene and adapt lifestyle changes to manage Diabetes and prevent complications. It will be an extraordinary experience of making you aware of how & who you are and establish connect with your mind, body and soul.

There will be activities and discussions on the guiding philosophy of the ancient sages in ayurveda, including healing through food, herbs and being in harmony with self and nature through yoga.

Come and be a part of this wonderful wellbeing journey in our upcoming one day workshop on Diabetes management to enjoy the sweetness of life.

Diabetes Management Program

26th August’2017, Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

At Espace 296, Nirvana Country, Gurugram- 122018

It will offer valuable, practical wisdom and guidance to understand our body and mind, make necessary changes to bring the balance, reflect and stay healthy.


  • Prevent and/or delay health complications
  • Herbs that helps manage DM
  • Improve their haemoglobin A1C (average blood sugar reading)
  • Make better food choices, focus on therapeutic nutrition
  • Glucose level control through yoga and stress management activities
  • Improve ability to live life to the fullest adapting a lifestyle that promote wellbeing and intensify Diabetes Management.


Contact: Shalini Jindal/ Shivani Agarwal – 9810500332/ 9899196622

Health karma is offering a series of one day workshops designed to help community and create awareness on most common lifestyle issues..

Our upcoming Events:

  • Staying young
  • Healthy weight
  • Stress management


“HealthKarma is a journey to touch, feel and  heal the self…”

  • Espace 296, Nirvana Country, Gurugram- 122018, Gurugram
  • Aug. 26, 2017, 10 a.m.
  • Shalini Jindal/ Shivani Agarwal