If you love the taste / aroma of mushrooms on your tongue, my tried and tested recipe is for you…mushrooms are high in B complex vitamins, trace minerals like selenium, copper and potassium. Selenium is anti-oxidant, protects cells from damage – delaying aging and cancer. Copper builds red blood cells and potassium regulates blood pressure in those cold wintery evenings….

So are you excited to make it…..here you go..


  • Take 250 gms mushrooms, 1 onion and chop them finely
  • Take a tsp butter, sautee them lightly, add salt and pressure cook for 2 whistles
  • Once open, hand blend and add 1 tbsp. milk and water to required consistency
  • Handful of blanched, chopped almonds are ideally added to give it warmth and loads of extra nutrients
  • Boil it, and its ready to serve with a dash of pepper and coriander.