Shalini Jindal

Following a mantra of doing good “Health Karma”, Shalini has been an avid enthusiast of mindful, healthy eating to be well. She believes that if you love your body, it will love you back. She is a traveller, explorer and has been researching on Ayurveda, food and its effect on the body for last 20 years. Her experiential learning has lent a deep understanding of our physiology and how our thoughts and emotions play a vital role in achieving a beautiful, healthy, creative mind and body. Her workshops/lectures on food and its healing benefits in colleges and private sessions have been well received as well.

Her back to basics approach and philosophy of a simple lifestyle and food has resulted in lot of awareness and benefitted people immensely.

A 43 year old, mother of two healthy, extremely talented daughters (18 yrs / 6 yrs) and a Chartered Accountant by education, numbers don’t excite her, being fit does…After having worked in multinationals and also run businesses in IT & hospitality, now she wants to widen the scope of her impact on people & communities around her and this passion is taking shape in an upcoming urban day retreat where one can heal mind, body & soul through ancient therapies of Ayurveda, Yoga and modern interactive tools & through nutrition and lifestyle guidance.