Connection with the self

Why is Intensity, passion and intimacy important (In connecting with self and letting your body heal ) 

What is it we seek?

In this unconscious race to seek material gains and satisfy ambition, we constantly set ever changing goal posts and have increasingly higher standards of achievements. In doing so, we are constantly & single mindedly, dwelling on things that are not right in our life, and contentment eludes us.

Or a lot of times, we feel disconnected from people simply when they behave in a way we don’t understand or when their association causes us immense pain and inexplicable grief.

Both the above aspects of our life then govern, The Rest of our life.

Our thoughts and emotions are on a roller coaster ride in chase of constant love and attention. And we fulfill this lack by subconsciously seeking and indulging in highs – through rampant eating, partying, drinking, sex and buying fancy status symbols.

This of course throws our body, mind and soul out of harmony and brings us into the world of lifestyle diseases. If we really go to the root of this disharmony, we will realize the disconnect we will have developed with our own heart, living on a superficial plane and missing out on a fulfilled life that comes with intensity, passion and intimacy.

How can we transform it?

Healthy, creative mind and body is everyone’s dream. And a lifestyle based on principles of ayurveda which is the science of life emphasizes on all four of its pillars – Thoughts & emotions; Actions & behavior ; food  and herbs & medicines, in living a creative, long life of good health and harmony with nature.

Of the above, relevance and role of thoughts, emotions, actions and behavior in seeking good physical health is less understood and rarely explored for self-healing.

By being constantly aware of self and life around us, being thankful for the blessings and being in the present will yield intensity in our daily lives and each moment then becomes alive to the possibility of joy and creativity. Cravings for wrong kinds of food, which is body’s way of escaping the present, will not arise at all.

By connecting and understanding the self- body and the heart, we would know our passion, what sets our soul on fire and then be fearless in its pursuit. This brings focus on what’s important and saves time and energies required to be on this journey. This gives immense mental clarity and peace to the heart, again an essential foundation of a healthy body.

Mindful connection and compassion with whom we seek to relate – at a deeper level or even otherwise, lets trust and feeling of security thrive and intimacy has a chance to develop. If we have ever worked with healers, we will have learned that body accumulates unsorted emotions that arise from insecurity and lack of intimacy (love) which can result in excess weight or even chronic diseases. Having enough intimacy will keep the vital energy flowing beautifully in our body channels, prevent ama (toxicity ) build up and keep our 7 layers of dhatus (tissue ) ie our physical body nourished and functioning well.

Why should we?

Being aware, connected, and compassionate, in other words, being intense, passionate and intimate, will take you to your higher goals which will eliminate the need for physical / mental excesses that we wreck ourselves with.  It will make your heart lighter and fulfilled.  Not thinking from the space of lack, need or pain will enable you to make right choices to achieve healthy body, mind and soul in harmony by itself and with all nature around it.

So Take the Intensity quiz now to ask the right questions on your current status in your intensity journey and hopefully find connect with yourself in the process..

All the best in your final leg of the journey in connecting and loving yourself. See you on the other side soon…