Cook your way to health

  • Author: Healthkarma

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all…

Cooking food with love or prana (positive energy) is the most important ingredient that puts the soul in any recipe that you may use.

Cooking is simple if nature’s basic guiding principles are followed. I have made an attempt to list some of them….



  1. Using appropriate Cooking fats based on ingredients and method being used (sauteeing, frying etc).
  2. Use food combinations that aid digestion. For eg. eating protein with dairy causes flatulence. (Research link)
  3.  Eat food as per your body type (dosha )
  4. Eat what is produced locally, as per the soil and season of the region.
  5.  Cooking right without over or under cooking, without burning oil or the ingredients.
  6.  Cook with love and an intent to heal the bodies of those consuming it.