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Imagine the Goddess Hygeia, the greek goddess of health, standing in a white flowing robe, with a halo around her crown, telling you all, "Please take a seat...you will be served what you deserve!" Do good Karma (Health)...Because if you love your body, it will love you back. My deepest passion is to help you know thyself, connect with thyself, love thyself and FINALLY own thyself, so that you are the best you can be. Surely when we're talking about health, beauty is not far behind.

I believe, Inner fragrance will lead to outer beauty! But How...? We all want luminous blemish free skin, svelte figures and enough stamina to run a marathon. Who doesn't want it all? For me, my health journey started in my kitchen, 25 years ago, and like anyone I went through various trials and numerous failed experiments before I reached where I am now. I want to help you understand why your body is the way it is, and through a combination of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Macrobiotics, I will do just that. if you have dry skin, can't ever sit still and a short attention span and a huge desire to execute those million ideas in your head, you are a "Vata" type! and you need a diet and lifestyle to suit it, instead of taxing or challenging it which leads to bad skin, irregular bowels, constipation and unsettling dreams...

So allow me to help you take the first step in understanding yourself. Follow me on this adventure of self discovery and we shall figure out all the interesting things that are happening inside your body, under your skin and each and every cell , including your worst enemy - your mind and your heart (why it wants what it wants!)
If you want to start this journey, take the “Know Thyself” Quiz and tell me if you don’t have that “aha “ moment!

Do good HealthKarma

Shalini Jindal
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Know Yourself

Inner Beauty will lead to outer fragrance and that is why we need to look inward and examine our endless mental processes, reactions and preferences due to which our lifestyle today has lost its balance and purpose. A very simple approach to health and lifestyle is essential to bring it in alignment with nature in order that one may strengthen their concentration on life purpose. This is employed by the most ancient and intuitive of the Eastern healing arts called Ayurveda which is the science of perfecting the soul's vehicle by alleviating bodily suffering. The all-important ability to find peace within ourselves brings clarity and a sense of purpose to life, and invests all our relationships with a new positivity.

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